Jo Crowther
Born 1963 in York, England.
Widely travelled as a child.
Began recording with first camera at the age of fourteen.
Processing and printing her own work.
An artistically important visit to Australia in 1990 confirmed a predilection for landscape photography and many exhibitions, commissions and awards have followed.
Initially self taught, Jo later spent many years as a traditional full time camera assistant working with photographers mostly on location.
Now based in Sussex, Jo continues to record her travels and daily life and acknowledges that she is fascinated with light and a sense of place.
Although digital technology plays an increasing part in her work, Jo's preference for mechanical cameras, manual lenses and film, form an important aspect to 'capturing an image'. "There's nothing like the alchemy of a dark box containing a light sensitive material that requires firstly light and secondly chemistry to reveal the beauty of the photographic image."